Industrial segment

Caramuru is well represented in the industrial sector where the following brands have become well known: Nekmil, Flocomil, Hi-Fiber, Fecomil, Cermil, Colormil, FlotaMil, Lécet, SPC and Melaço. Our product line offers a wide variety of ingredients used mainly by food processers as well as the beverage and mining industries.

Caramuru is a recognized traditional supplier in the Brazilian market; those products have been acknowledged for their quality and reliability in terms of supply and delivery.

All our seeds and grains undergo stringent technical control processes that guarantee their quality and traceability throughout the entire production chain process, in compliance with norms established in the Good Manufacturing Practices (BPF) and by the APPCC, the Brazilian Procedure for Danger Analyses and Critical Control Points.

The Caramuru Group is always attentive of the safety of our clients especially in regard to the following requirements: Raw-Materials Origin – BPF (Good Manufacturing Practices), APPCC (Danger Analyses and Critical Control Points) – Supply Continuity, Microbiological Controls – Traceability – Processes Technology, Qualified Human Resources, Quality Processing – Quality of Feed Ingredients – OHSAS 18001 Food Safety Certification – HACCP – ISO 9001 and 14001 .