Animal Segment

The best sources of nutrients.

The high quality of the raw material and the rigorous production process of Caramuru also generate high quality products for animals. This line is great for various categories, such as cattle, pigs, poultry, fish, dogs, cats, among others. Know our products and their benefits:

Energetics – an essential dietary base

Cereal grains have high energy value, mainly because of their high starch content. Thus corn products, from the nutritional point of view, are also an excellent source of caloric intake.

  1. Defatted corn germ flour: an excellent ingredient for extruded animal feed, great for dogs, cats, fish as well as dairy cattle and confined bovines for the meat industry, swine breeding and poultry (for consumption and egg-laying).
  2. Caramuru degerminated corn: used in the production of energetic concentrates, animal rations and proteins and all categories of animal feed.
  3. Hi-Brix Liquid Soybean Molasses is great source of non-fiber carbohydrates (sugars), being an important and cost-competitive caloric ingredient, partially replacing corn, sorghum and other energetic ingredients in the diets of ruminants, in addition to having great palatability and a superior binding capacity.

Proteins – essential for growth

Proteins are a necessary part of all phases of the life of animals, from reproduction and gestation through to lactation and production. They contribute to building enzymes, hormones and antibodies as well as the maintenance of body weight. Among the fine products in this line, we highlight:

  1. Caramuru soybean meal: qualities include good palatability, easy digestion and may be consumed without restriction in animal diets, according to the nutritional needs of each species.
  2. Bontrato sunflower meal: a valuable protein substitute, excellent for ruminants and a fine source of protein for laying hens and sows in gestation or lactation cycles.

High digestibility fiber – essential for quality animal rations

Vegetable fiber is an essentially ingredient in quality animal rations. Among other important function, fibers control the rate at which food passes through the digestive tract and directly influences the ability to absorb nutrients. In the case of ruminants, part of the fiber, otherwise known as cellulose, is utilized as a source of energy resulting from a natural microbiotic fermentation process that occurs during rumination. Among our fine company products containing an important source of fiber, we highlight:

  1. Hi-Fiber soybean meal: an excellent complementary and nutritious feed option as it contains a high percentage of digestible fiber. Hi-Fiber can be used as a partial substitute for feed volume in the place of corn, sorghum and wheat, especially for dairy and production bovines because of its high NDT content corresponding to 88% of the value of kernel corn. Furthermore, this product may be fed to laying hens and reproduction sows. This product presents high digestibility not only as a fiber ingredient but also as dry material, proven in a number of scientific studies. It also possesses excellent resistance to storage, has good palatability, is non-transgenic, and exempt from aflatoxin contamination.