Caramuru Integrity Program

Ethics, honesty and integrity are institutional values that guide Caramuru’s activities in all processes of its production chain. For this purpose, since its inauguration in 1964, the Group has always adopted the best governance practices in the routines of its units, as well as in the execution of its projects.

In order to make its management more systematized and engage partners and suppliers so that everyone works in a more integrated manner in relation to the Group’s ethical and institutional integrity principles, Caramuru launched its Integrity Program in December 2018.

The Caramuru Integrity Program is proof that we understand the importance of responsibility and the role of the company as an agent of economic and social development in the country. It addresses practices and behaviors that are aligned with ethics, conduct and transparency in relationships.

In this link, you can read the new Code of Ethics and Conduct that will guide all those involved with the activities of the Caramuru Group, as well as Anti-Corruption Policies and Disciplinary Measures. The document also brings information about our Ethics Line.