Numbers and Projections

Over the years, the Caramuru Group has concentrated efforts to diversify operations , strengthen logistics, explore new market niches and improve their processes. These investments contributed to our consolidation as the leading Brazilian group in processing soybean, corn, sunflower and canola.

Nowadays, Caramuru have 67 warehouses located in Goiás, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais and Paraná, with a total storage capacity of 2,424,800 tons. The company participates in the national refined oil processing segment, dominating 8% of the market; in corn milling, with 12% of the market; in soybean processing, with 4.3% of the national market (25.1% of the state of Goiás market).

With an average annual growth of 20%, our soybean processing capacity has reached 1,376,197 ton/year and 267.637 tons of corn.

In 2014, we saw Caramuru turning 50. A company that started with a corn flour mill and a rice processing machine, at the small Rua Caramuru in Maringá, Paraná. The following years reaffirmed the strength of internal and foreign businesses, as well as the positioning of Caramuru in the market. The company was able to overcome challenges and devise new management strategies.

In the sphere of domestic trade, there was an increase in the sales ofthe company´s special oils lines, of the Sinhá products and soybean meal. Despite the adverse scenario in the international market throughout the year, the Caramuru Group sustained the export of non-transgenic products, fulfilling the now traditional bonus payments to farmers for the supply of conventional soybeans.

For the future, the expectation is very positive, especially after the inauguration of the New Unit in Ipameri (GO) in 2015, and the installation of the Concentrated Soy Protein (SPC) industrial unit and the Sorriso (MT) co-generation unit in 2016.

Learn more about our results in the Caramuru Sustainability Report 2017.


After completing 50 years in 2014, Caramuru already dreams of the next 50 and its new achievements. In order to remain as a Business Group recognized for serving customers and consumers with quality products and services, the organization seeks to maintain its track record of profitability and growth.

Focusing on the 2018 vision, it invests in the continuous updating of its management processes, in the training and development of its people. A plan that also includes operating differentiated commodities, having strong logistics and acting nationally and internationally based on sustainability principles.

Thinking about the near future, expectations are also great. The coming years promise news for Caramuru. Given the current forecasts for the domestic and foreign market, the company is prepared to meet the demand with the quality and commitment of always.

Soybeans will continue to positively boost the business, in the same way as their derivatives, such as concentrated protein, lecithin, bran, oils, distillates and molasses, present throughout the company’s production chain. For this, the partnership with farmers, farmers and customers will be increasingly strengthened, as well as focused on Caramuru’s well-known successes premises.

Projects aimed at sustainability, with social and economic benefits, will also be expanded. Electric power cogeneration is expected to reach even more units in the coming years.

The Group believes in a challenging period, but of growth and good results. To innovate, strengthen the new integrated management model, further qualify and integrate teams.