Sustainability in chain production has become essential in the composition of any agricultural product, in special, in the field of commodities. This service is mandatory in all the global village, regardless the region, country, or even continent, being a determining factor and even conditioning for the commercial operation.

Farmers need to offer a product that effectively assures the accomplishment of the conditioning factors for the commercialization of the harvest. External Clients need clear and documental evidences that the agricultural production, or its derivatives, have been originated in a sustainable way and according to the stablished global criteria and, therefore, that the sustainability service, object of this job, approves all the stages of the chain production.

The Sustentar Program, due to this demand, was created to actively participate on the sustainable development of the Brazilian Agrobusiness.

This initiative seeks to guarantee the application of the sustainability concepts in all of our chain production, from the supply of the raw material, essential for the industrialization and commercialization of its products, available in the national and international markets. The creation of the Sustentar Standard happened due to the know-how possessed by the company in its lasting performance in assisting and monitoring of the raw material suppliers, allowing, thus, the creation of a methodology with Caramuru’s identity, with solid concepts, orientated by our values and determination.

This methodology accomplishes the Guidelines of T4SD – Trade For Sustainable Development –, meets the FEFAC Standard – European Feed Manufacturer’s Federation, and the SDG – Sustainable Development Goals by UN – United Nations.

The target audience of the product is:

The Corporation itself, within the strategy of convincing the necessity of everyone’s efforts;

The raw material supplier, who needs to adequate its way of producing to the sustainable production concepts also appliable to its personal, family and community life;

The global client who acquires products and subproducts approved by the Sustentar Program, which guarantees the Chain Production and Commercialization Sustainability.

The Sustentar Standard finds itself in its 4th version of improvement and seeks to insert the sustainability concepts entirely within the agricultural chain production of the raw materials suppliers.

The foundations of the Sustentar Program are:


The importance of the Sustentar Program is directly connected to the values that Caramuru has as the supplier of a market that is increasingly more demanding in offering products that are entirely prevenient from sustainable sources and recognized by its respect to the environment, to the social issues and to the economic viability. The evolution of the Sustentar Program in this period has demanded the improvement of the application methods of rules and norms that also participate in its structure.

In a different way, the Sustentar Program is the result of the conception of good practices settled by UN – United Nations, in its SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) –, mainly SDG 2 – Fome Zero and Sustainable Agriculture; SDG 6 – Potable Water and Sanitation; SDG 7 – Clean and Accessible Energy; SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth; SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production; and SDG 17 – Partnerships and Means of Implementation.


With this in mind, we present the results of the Sustentar Program from the last 3 years: