Canal Anônimo

The Canal Anônimo was created with the objective of ensuring the practice of our principles and the quality of our services, while preserving the image of our brand. The Group has Caramuru values ​​such as ethics, honesty and integrity, that guide the behavior of our shareholders, directors, officers, employees and leaders.
If you notice any irregularities related to our products, such as fraud, theft or misconduct, use the form below or contact us by phone (65) 3404-0700 or by email
It is not necessary to fill in all fields, reveal your identity or be evidence of the facts characterize fraud. You can call or send a message completely anonymously. Our Internal Audit will keep the information confidential, providing research.
To aid the process, it is important to provide data and details, such as description of the facts, date, time and place of occurrence, names of those involved, if possible, and other information that may assist in the determination of the case.





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