Other products

The chemical process that produces biodiesel generates by-products of high commercial value, also included in the portfolio of Caramuru products. Learn more about each of them and their applications:


Glycerin is obtained from the biodiesel production process. Much used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry, this product is ideal for the elaboration of cleaning and hygiene products, paints, pet foods, leather and many other important consumer products. The glycerin market is expanding and the Caramuru Group produces a fine quality product containing high glycerol content, which makes it an excellent choice for refining operations and other chemical applications.


Olein or oleic acid is an important sub-product because of its lubricating and emollient properties. It is commonly used in the cosmetic industry for the manufacture of facial, body and hand soaps, hydrating creams and sunscreen lotions thanks to its protective capacity and ability to regenerate tissues damaged by solar rays as well as combat dry skin.


Tocopherol is a natural antioxidant from which vitamin E can be extracted. This vitamin is known for its importance in the prevention of free radicals (responsible for aging), and for promoting good blood circulation while enhancing muscle tissues.

Fatty acids

Fatty acid is another important sub-product derived from the production of biodiesel, used in the manufacture of animal rations as well as by cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries.