The Caramuru Group is investing in creating differentials of our commodities through the use of non-genetically modified (NON-GMO) raw material for our retail products, such as soy- and corn-based beverages and oil. Learn more about our commodities products:

Soy Protein Concentrate – SPC (NGMO)

In 2012 Caramuru Group investment over R$100 million in a new plant dedicated to the production of soy protein concentrate (SPC). The process does not use transgenic beans; rather, production is based on high protein content (over 60%) environmentally friendly soybeans. Main use of this SPC product include substitution of fish meal used in animal rations (swine, poultry, cattle and horse rations).

Lecithin (NGMO)

Lecithin presents properties such as color, flavor and mainly its action as an emulsifier, which make it appropriate for use as a food ingredient used in chocolate, margarine, ice cream, biscuits, breads and pastas as well as “instant” foods, sauces and sweets and candies.

It is also used in dietetic products and some pharmaceuticals, thanks to its high nutrition value, and in cosmetics because of its natural, vegetable characteristics.

Caramuru produces lecithin at the Itumbiara, São Simão and Sorriso processing plants, in compliance with rigid standards of quality and advanced technological procedures. The Group is very concerned about the genetic purity of the non-transgenic soybeans. This focus guarantees that all lecithin production is highly credible and traceable along the entire production chain.

Soybean meal (NGMO)

Non-transgenic soybean meal is made by the Caramuru production units located in São Simão and Itumbiara, in Goiás, in the form of Hi-Pro soybean meals, pellets and High Fiber products.

Subject to a stringent control processes, our products are Kosher certified (a reference to the dietetic laws practiced by Judaism) and Halal (Moslem dietary legislation), that attest to the quality, hygiene standards and the sophisticated system we have adopted for producing all our fine products. The entire production process is also audited and attested to by certification companies such as Cert ID and Inspectorate.

  1. Hipro Soybean Meal with 48% protein.
  2. Soybean Meal Pellets with 46% protein.

Soybean Oil – Degummed

This is another fine product made by the Group used in the fabrication of biodiesel, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, gummed soy oil as well as edible vegetable oils, mayonnaise, margarines and vegetable fat.

Deodorized Vegetable Distillate Oil (DDOS)

Fatty acids distilled from vegetable oils are rich in vitamin E and used by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries to extract tocopherol and plant-origin sterols.

Refined Soybean Oil

Refined oil is a raw material used in elaborating industrialized food products such as mayonnaise, margarine and vegetable fats for frying and cooking. Among various qualities, after extraction and degumming, is becomes clear colored, deodorized, demonstrates a neutral consistency, perfect for various food product applications.

Soy molasses

Soybean molasses is the result of a soy concentration process to produce SPC used in animal rations and ethanol (soy alcohol) and fuels for steam generation plants.