Recycle Project

In line with Caramuru’s Private Social Investment Methodology, Projeto Reciclar aims to promote environmental awareness, the correct waste disposal and social inclusion, generating income for waste pickers.

Created in 2005, Estação Reciclar, a selective collection project in Itumbiara, operated in a rented shed and the service was done door-to-door through the city. Since 2012, Caramuru supports the initiative. Estação Reciclar follows the National Solid Waste Policy, which aims to assist institutions of collectors of recyclable materials, regularize the profession, remove them from landfills and create good working conditions.

In addition, it aims to generate employment and a monthly fixed income for members. The first step of the Group when joining the action was to institutionalize the Recycle Station. Subsequently, the Statute and the Minutes of the Constitution were drawn up, with the assistance of other partners, as well as the board of directors of the entity. In parallel to this, Caramuru began working with the city to seek a new headquarters – broader and with better structure – for the institution. The change from the Recycle Station to the new warehouse took place in November 2014.

Since then, with the partnerships, the Recycle Station has evolved a lot and the project. In 2016, Caramuru continued to follow the project, giving support in Business Management. In addition, through a partnership with SESI, weekly educational meetings were offered for the children of the members. The results are a source of great pride: the monthly income of each cooperative has practically quadrupled in recent years.